The Identification of The Views of Raters on Standard Rubrics and Rubrics Based on The Solo Taxonomy/Standart ve Solo Taksonomisine Dayalı Rubrikler Hakkındaki Puanlayıcı Görüşlerinin İncelenmesi

Mustafa İLHAN, Bayram ÇETİN
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The purpose of the study was to provide a comparative analysis of the views of raters on rubrics that are not based on a particular taxonomy and those that are based on the SOLO taxonomy. The study was designed as a descriptive one, and the data were collected through two surveys comprised of close-ended and open-ended questions. A total of seven mathematics teachers (three women and four men) participated in the study. The data collection procedure was divided into several stages. First, a mathematics achievement test, which was composed by the researcher and comprised of eight open-ended questions, was administered to 104 eight grade students. Afterwards, the raters rated the students’ responses using the standard rubrics developed by the researcher. This was followed by the administration of the Survey of the Views on Standard Rubrics to the raters. Next, the raters rated the responses for the second time, this time using the rubrics developed by the researcher on the basis of the SOLO taxonomy. Then, the raters were subject to the Survey of the Views on the SOLO Taxonomy. The close-ended questions included in the surveys were analyzed through arithmetic mean values whereas the open-ended ones were analyzed descriptively. The findings suggested that the raters viewed rubrics based on the SOLO taxonomy as a better rating scale than standard ones in terms of objectivity, the ability to distinguish among students of varying levels, the ability to provide effective feedback on student performance, and ease of preparation and use.

Keywords: Rubric, the SOLO taxonomy, views of rater

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